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Sultanahmet - Istanbul
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Yesil Ev Hotel

 The mansion belonging to the Minister of Monopolies, Sukru Bey, managed to survive, in a dilapidadet state, until the 1970's. The Turkish Touring and Automobile Association began to implement his plan first for the revitalisation of this mansion which, with is exceptional location, would serve as a model of traditional housing and accommodation. The old rooms (nineteen in all) and layout being carefully preserved. 
The furnishings chosen by Mr. Celik Gulersoy, the General Manager of the Association were in the style of a 19 th century winter mansion. The building has an absolutely unrivaled location between Ayasofya and the Blue Mosque, and at the same ofters the visitor the warm, friendly atmosphere of an old Istanbul home. It very quickly attained a world-wide reputation. the famous newspapers such as the Washington Post, New york Times and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, contributed articles expressing their admiration and appreciation... 

"Europa Nostra", international organisation centered in London, awarded Yesil Ev the medal for the year. The best analysis of the role undertaken by Yesil Ev in Istanbul tourism comes from the pen of the historian of Byzantine art, Lord John Julius Norwich:
" In the early 1980's, something wonderfull happened: Mr. Celik Gulersoy, director general of the Touring and Automobile Association of Turkey, opened an enchanting little hotel on the edge of the small park that separates the city's most venerable Byzantine church, St. Sophia, from the one of its magnificent Islamic monuments, the Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque, The hotel-called the Yesil Ev, for "Green House" was an old woodeen house of the mid-nineteenth century and in most cities would have been lovingly and sensitively restored by Mr. Gulersoy and filled with furniture and fittings

This judgement was confirmed by President Mitterand, who chose Yesil Ev for his New Year visit in 1992/1993

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