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Sultanahmet - Istanbul
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Grand Londra Hotel


  The 'Grand Hôtel de Londres' was, at the beginning of this century, one of the most prestigious palace hotel of its kind in Old Pera/Beyoglu. It was built in 1892 in the famous 'Orient-Express' style by the Levantine family of the Glavani and remains one of the last few witnesses of that glamorous time still extant in Istanbul.  From some of its 54 rooms, visitors can contemplate breath taking views of Old Istanbul and its famous Golden Horn.

  You will, no doubt, tell us that the furniture looks somewhat shabby and worn-out - no wonder! ...it all dates back to the beginning of our century and its pieces are no fakes, they are all genuine originals!It once knew better times and, even though the hotel sanitary appliances do need thorough refurbishing, this hotel's warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as its  style are so faithfully 'retro' that if you ever told us that you saw Mata Hari in its Grand Salon, well...we would not feel surprised at all!  Come over and experience by yourself such a unique and irresistibly charming place!


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